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Staff CPD Training Options

Workplace Staff Support Scheme

School SEND Partnership Scheme


Music Tuition                         -We work in partnership with Barnsley Music Services to provide affordable music tuition and starter kits.

Movement and Gymnastics - We work with Barnsley Premier Gymnastics Club to prove affordable multi-sports and movement classes.

Our prices range from £4-£30 per hour. Bursaries, funding and scheme-combination prices may applied.


SCREENING & Assessment

Full Dyslexia Diagnostic Assessment & Neurodiversity Learning Assessments

- Carried out by our Chartered Educational Psychologists

- Carried out by our Certified Specialist Assessors

Skills Profiles and Screening Assessments

English, Maths and Learning Skills Profiles and Screening Assessments help learners understand their strengths, weaker areas and make recommendations about how to improve their learning.

- Carried out by our Qualified Specialist Assessors and Teachers

Our prices range from £135-£500. Bursaries, funding and scheme-combination prices may applied.

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for pupils and student of all ages & those with workplace needs

Our clients receive tailor made learning plans and lesson that cover all subjects and skills, including:

1. Literacy Skills - Phonics, Reading, Spelling, Writing and Speaking and Listening.

2. Maths Skills - Number Knowledge, Counting, Times Tables, Problem Solve and GCSE Maths.

3. Study Skills -  Memory Skills, Revision Techniques and Editing Skills.

4. Subject specific skills for SATs, GSCEs, A-Levels and Degrees.

5. Proof Reading - We offer proof reading for DSA funded students, workplace funded clients, privately to individuals and also through our Workplace Staff Support Scheme.

6. DSA funded tuition for higher and further education students.

7. Workplace referral funded tuition and consultation. 

Our prices range from £15-£50 per session. Bursaries, funding and scheme-combination prices may applied.



We are soon to be an Apprentice Assessment Organisation. We work with the trade industry, administrative services, sports clubs and many small and large businesses.

We support our businesses to access government grants that cover most if not all costs involved.