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workplace learning skills online assessment

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Are you an employer or manager who wants to support their workforce?

Our Workplace Learning Skills Online Assessment helps managers identify and support those at risk of finding reading and writing task at work challenging. The program includes training for employers and managers and step by step guides about what to do after the assessment. 



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About aims to be a one-stop site for everything you need to know about dyslexia, whether you are dyslexic yourself, a parent or carer of someone who is dyslexic, or a teacher or employer of dyslexic people.

All of the resources and links are quality assured by the British Dyslexia Association and other leading UK dyslexia charities so you can be confident that the advice you are receiving is accurate and current. aims to promote a dyslexia friendly society in which dyslexic people of all ages can reach their full potential.

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Looking for software that will help you proofread, intelligently spot spelling and grammar errors when writing assignments and reports?

Looking for software that will help you read PDF documents?

We recommend Read & Write, by Texthelp. Texthelp has developed a range of software programs that can support many different reading and writing needs.

Who is it for? Students and adults seeking support reading and writing assignments and reports.

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Sprinter Plus

Are you a teacher looking for software that can support children read-back, check and edit their writing?

Are you a parent looking for software that can support your child complete homework tasks more independently at home?

We recommend SprintPlus, by Jabbla. The SprintPlus website also includes useful blogs for students with dyslexia and parents of dyslexic learners. John Hicks is the editor of these blogs and also offers counselling and aspiration sessions for dyslexic and struggling learners.



Clicker 7 & Docs Plus

Are you a teacher or a parent looking for software that can inspire children and help them enjoy writing?

Are you a teacher who wants to reduce the time you spend making interactive board presentations, worksheets, word banks, mind map and reading instructions and key words to your learners?  

We recommend Clicker 7 and Docs Plus, by Cricksoft.

Who are they for? Teachers, parents and school aged learners.


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Units of Sound

Looking for an interactive, online literacy program that can help you develop your reading, spelling and memory skills?

We recommend Units of Sound. It's easy to use and all you need is a computer and internet access.

Who is it for? Schools wanting to improve their intervention programs, children and adults studying at home and specialist dyslexia tutors.

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Looking for an online dyslexia screener for children?

Looking for fun, cartoon based, online activities to help improve children's reading, writing, touch typing and maths skills?

We recommend Nessy, by Nessy.

Who is it for? Schools wanting to improve their intervention programs and parents of primary school aged learners.


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English Type

Looking for a computer program that will help you improve your touch typing skills?

Who is it for? Adults, students, school aged learners, schools and dyslexia specialist teachers. English Type is a easy to use programme that rapidly improves touch typing skills.

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NDN are able to offer our clients, schools and workplaces exclusive trials and discounted prices for all the resources we recommend. NDN does this because we believe in these resources and not for profit.