Children and young adults

We have excellent links with schools and colleges helping teachers and teaching assistants to identify and support children and young adults with their learning difficulties. Our services include awareness presentations and workshops for staff and/or parents, the provision of assessments for exam access arrangements and 1:1 or group tuition for children with SEN. We also support universities by providing diagnostic assessments for DSA applications, tuition and mentoring. 

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We focus on the needs of adults, some of whom may not have been identified as dyslexic at school.  These individuals may continue to struggle with their challenges. The impact of coping with undiagnosed difficulties can place a great deal of strain on their self-confidence and mental wellbeing. We understand these issues and will facilitate their journey to a more positive future. 

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Employers benefit from our consultancy services by learning more about their legal duties outlined in the Equality Act 2010. We support clients by providing bespoke advice, employee assessments and workplace consultations. Our specialist consultants have supported clients working at the NHS, Kent Police, the London Fire Brigade and Whitehall.

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Other support

Our team of highly-qualified specialists have skills in all specific learning difficulties and we are happy to answer any question - no matter how silly you think it may sound.

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