Getting Help With Dyslexia Tuition

We provide tuition for children and adults who have literacy or numeracy difficulties, dyslexia or other specific learning difficulties. Tuition can be delivered at one of our 11 centres throughout the UK or in schools or colleges. It is provided on an individual or a small group basis, depending on availability and individual requirements. Building on assessment information, our highly trained specialist tutors will identify key strengths as well as areas where support is needed. This may be, for example in literacy, numeracy, organisational skills, memory and study skills. An individual program is then developed drawing on a wide range of strategies and techniques.

What can tuition provide?

What happens when tuition starts?

An individual learning plan will be devised to meet your specific requirements. This learning plan will be reviewed regularly to assess progress. All tuition or coaching is learner-centred and is focused on the individual requirements of the learner at their stage on the educational journey.

Did you know?